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Lee’ah D.B. Giaquinto’s debut novel about family, hope, love and finding oneself.

The Least of These

Print ISBN: 978-1-945967-77-1

Kindle ISBN: 978-1-945967-78-8

Digital ISBN: 978-1-945967-79-5

As she begins to accept that helping people through legal action is not what she wants it to be, the story opens with Sabrina, a well seasoned personal injury attorney, contemplating a different trajectory in life. Sabrina stumbles upon an old family practice that may help her seek a new path or at a minimum, gain self-fulfillment.

At just five years-old, Teddie is taken from her mother and placed in foster care, where she remains until college. Never understanding why her mother did not come for her and overwhelmed with the reality that she will enter adulthood on her own, Teddie is released from the foster care system and into the world.

Angela struggles to hold down a job and maintain the basic necessities of life as she tries to battle depression on her own. After losing yet another job and apartment, Angela does not want to go home to her mother, but does not want to face life on the street. She is running out of options.

Sabrina’s decision to follow in the footsteps of her family legacy intercepts the paths of Teddie and Angela. The three women begin sharing the same living space, trying to uplift each other, while holding onto hope, and searching for the meaning of family and life.

RELEASE DATE: August 29, 2017.

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