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Concentric Circle

What is a concentric circle? Layers of circles leading to a common center.

One day I came across a discussion with Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert associated with Ms. Brown’s Living Brave Series. They were discussing vulnerability and courage. ( Ms. Gilbert helped me define those persons that surrounded and bolstered my courage while writing my first novel, building my website, and marketing the book. Those I will seek out during future projects.

It takes courage to put your ideas, thoughts, voice out into the world. Critics can be harsh, focused solely on their own interests verses truly attempting to understand a person's motivation(s) for a project.

As a new author, I was concerned about how my new voice would be received. When asked as to how she handles criticism, Ms. Gilbert began by saying that she does not go in search of reviews of her work. Before her work is released, it has already been reviewed by her concentric circle; those persons she trusts most. She cautioned against seeking out that friend or family member that describes him or herself as being “brutally honest”. Ms. Gilbert said that those persons are “more brutal then honest”. Such brutality does no good for the creative process.

Members of the concentric circle have one common goal; to support the creative process. The circle members are honest in their critique, but they do not assault or wound the spirit of the person working through his or her process. The members play a vital role of nurturing and support.

Why am I sharing this with you? When growing a new set wings, consider putting together a concentric circle of people. Those persons that you trust, who have your best interest at heart and want to see you reach your goals.

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