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...Grow Another Set of Wings and Fly - Be Still

I hope this blog post finds you focusing or at least being mindful of your well-being. Lately, I have repeatedly heard friends and others complain that life is not going as planned and/or they are so busy, they have lost sight of or their focus in life.

We have all experienced what we perceive as roadblocks or loss of focus in life. There are times we just can't seem to catch a break. Or we are completely caught off guard by a situation that may have been staring us in the face, but we were not present to see or even perceive it. Why is this happening or not happening is often the question asked. We then begin running on autopilot, trying to get things on track. Where to start?  

Consider this...Be Still. This idea may offend some. I've said this to people and have been told that if they are not moving, nothing will be accomplished. My response...if a person is constantly in motion, out of focus, off track, that person may be moving, but not moving forward or in furtherance of the path they chose. Most likely, the person is spinning in circles or taking steps backward and not conscious of the negative movement.  

One of the characters, Sabrina, in my debut novel, "The Least of These," decided to be still and search for clarity when she learned about her family's legacy that she'd never known. Could she carry on her family legacy? Did she want to? What impact would it have on her life?   She could have kept moving, walking in circles around the information that she learned, but she decided to get still and seek clarity.

Whether you call it meditation, prayer, or a time-out, Be Still. Find a quiet space. Quiet the noise around you. Breath. Try it. 10 minutes a day. It works! 

Why am I sharing this with you? As we grow our new set of wings and fly, there may be times when we lose focus on our new wings or in life.  I represent to you that by being still, quieting the mind, you will be amazed at the clarity you will gained. As Being Still becomes a practice for you, I submit to you that you will walk in circles less, regain your focus and find life, including your new wings more rewarding and manageable. 

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