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...Grow Another Set of Wings and Fly - Well Being

I hope this blog post finds you growing a new set of wings and flying and discerning whether an issue is really about you, which will allow you to better quiet the noise around you. 

As I consider my next book, its direction and characters, I began to feel fatigued in my creative space. Not with it. I just want to curl up and sleep. Given that I live in Michigan and its Wintertime, this is not surprising. It has been a very cold and snowy winter. Initially, I attributed my feelings of fatigue to winter and hibernation, but deep down, I knew there was something more.  I decided to get still and tried to figure out what was wrong. I learned that in addition to focusing on my new wings, I also need to focus on my "well being". Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, I'm good. Physically...not so good.  

I am over-weight, borderline diabetic, suffer from high blood pressure, and joint pain. After work, I feel absolutely exhausted. Here's the thing, I know all of this and have known this for quite some time. I simply do not have the energy to deal with it. Or do I? 

Just like my writing, I decided to set an intention. Not a narrow intention, but a broad intention. The intention to address my "well being." Well being is defined as "a good or satisfactory condition of existence, a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare." I want to feel better, be healthier, be better. In order to address my physical well being, I decided that I need to lose weight, get into shape, and be healthier. This will help my physical well being, which will then impact my overall well being. 

Now that I set my intention, I needed help. Remember, I've known about this issue for sometime. I believe that I buried it as to put off truly dealing with it. Help is what I needed. I decided to join Weight Watchers. I also plan to exercise consistently. Weight Watchers is about planning. I do this well. I think about what I am going to eat during each day and week. I am making healthly choices. I also need support from my concentric circle; my support group.  These things are now in place. In two weeks, I lost 8 pounds. I feel better. The joint pain is gone. Yes, gone! I have a long way to go, but I feel that I am on the right path. 

Why am I sharing this with you? As you grow your new set of wings and fly, remember your well being.  Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being is important.  If one is out of alignment, it will have a significant impact on your creative space. When all is in alignment, the fatigue and/or dis-ease will disappear and make our journey easier, more creative and more enjoyable.  

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