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...Grow a New Set of Wings and Fly- It's Time to Fly

You've decided on a new direction, goal or path. You have put your concentric circle in place. Now, it's time to fly!

This is not the time to stand still. The initial planning stage is complete. The course is set. Your support group is ready to nurture and protect your process. It's time. Doubt and uncertainty may give you pause, but do not let it take hold.

My love of reading brought forth the idea that I wanted to write a novel. Elements of the story had been with me for quite some time. I knew where the story would go. Not necessarily every scene or character, but I could visualize the story in my head. If I stood still, nothing would come of it. I had to move forward, beyond the planning stage in my head. I had to actually begin writing the story.

My next move was to set the creative process in motion. I began by writing each day for at least fifteen minutes. Often times those fifteen minutes turned into hours of writing. One day I noted that the characters and scenes had begun to breath and grow. Oh, with my new wings, I was soaring. My concentric circle supported every step. The process was in motion.

Why am I sharing this with you? If you have a new set of wings, get out of your head. Take action. Nothing will come of your new path, if you stand still. It's time to move! It's time to fly!

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