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...Grow a New Set of Wings and Fly - It's Not About You

I hope this blog post finds you living in your purpose and using reflection as a tool to help guide you along your path.

In my last post, I touched upon the subject of focusing on an issue that is not your issue, but being drawn into it nonetheless. Let's explore further.

Often times there is drama, noise swirling around you. Someone in your life is focused on an issue that they believe is important or relevant. Or maybe someone has directed anger or dislike toward you. As you are living in and working toward your purpose, you are pulled into the discussion, argument or dislike. Your focus is shifted. You are in it! Head-long into the argument. You do not stop to reflect. You are angry. Put out. Feeling like injustice has been had. You are now spreading the issue to others. It is growing. Taking on a life of its own. However, somewhere in the back of your mind, a simple question slowly floats to the surface: Is this about you?

Consider this premise: It is not about you. It is about them. Had you stopped, accessed the reflection tool, you would have known immediately that the issue was not yours. The anger or dislike is not yours. It simply belongs to that person, who most likely wanted to disrupt your focus. Take you off your square.

Not every issue is about you or requires your attention. How can you differentiate between what is your issue and what is not? May I suggest that you begin by clearly defining the issue for yourself. Relying upon someone else's definition or perception of the issue will blur your vision. You should determine if the issue has an impact/affect on you and your purpose. Does it affect a bigger picture that may affect you. If the answer is no, then the issue is not yours. If the issue affects some greater good or purpose, maybe it is within your realm and requires further thought. If not, its not about you. Get back to you and your path.

If anger or dislike is involved, ask yourself if your actions contributed in some way to this emotion. Is this someone that matters to you? Can you change the perception? If not, get back to you and your path. Its not about you. Its about them.

Why am I sharing this with you? In order to Grow Another Set of Wings and Fly, focusing on issues or emotions that are not yours will distract and blur your vision of your purpose. Stay on track. Decide for yourself whether the issue is truly about you.

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