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...Grow a New Set of Wings and Fly -Intention

In the last blog post, I set an intention for you to fly. However, it was my intention that you fly. Was it yours?

Are you still standing in place? Has there been any movement toward beginning that project, writing the book, making jewelry?

Maybe I put the horse before the cart. If so, I apologize. You will not successfully begin and/or finish a project, if you do not set your intention to do so. We can do all things through, by intention.

What is intention? The word "intention" is defined as "a determination to act in a certain way; what one intends to do or bring about." Merriam-Webster Dictionary. As I typed the definition of intention, the words themselves do not capture for me what an intention truly means. The words themselves are flat, lack life. If we intend to do something, bring about a change, our whole being must come into agreement with the plan to do so. Our mind, body, heart and spirit must be align to bring about the intent to begin and finish the project.

How do you align your entire self to commit to the intention? Good question. One that is difficult to answer. My must clearly define the project and its purpose. Beginning something blindly or haphazardly will most likely lead to frustration and failure. What impact are you seeking? Do you have the tools and resources to complete the project? Where does it begin? What happens in the middle? Where does it end? Are you truly and completely dedicated, committed to getting it done? Does the project and timing feel right? Feeling are important too. If you are answering these questions affirmatively, then you have set your intention. Most likely, its time to fly.

Why am I sharing this with you? I have started projects in the past that were not finished. Do you know how many times I've said I wanted to write my first novel, but it never came to pass? Many times! It was not until I answered the above-noted questions affirmatively that I can say that my whole being agreed, my intention was set and I began to write. I began to fly!

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