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...Grow a New Set of Wings and Fly - Reflection

​​I hope this post finds you at the end or near the end of our 30-day reflection period.

How did it feel to engage in self-reflection? Good? Overwhelming? Enlightening? It was all of that and more for me.

From maintaining a daily schedule to creating lists, daily life can become orchestrated, grinding, unbalanced and not in focus. There are weeks where we find ourselves saying "Thank God Its Friday," then trying to remember what we accomplished as the week is now a blur.

When I am not centered, I find myself battling issues that upon later reflection show that the issue was not my issue. I was pulled into something that I should have recognized, defined and moved away from. Self-reflection can help us remain centered. It helps to know when something truly requires our attention and/or action.

Self-reflection is also helpful when you want to grow a new set of wings. In order to do this, we have to clear out the clutter, limit distractions, gain clarity, be centered. However, we cannot get there if we are not present, distracted, and have too much on our plates.

Some time ago, I read a Facebook post from Iyanla Vanzant. She said:

When you get the urge to stay home, be alone, pull back, shut down, it is probably your spirit urging you to take a rest. Do not ignore it. Honor yourself by taking some time out. Take a day away. There may be something very important going on within you that you need to know about. You must be quiet in order to hear it.

This quote encouraged me to get still. I often get still and self-reflect. It is my way of staying in touch with myself and remaining open to the possibilities of life. Why am I sharing this with you? I believe that we are all seeking something more. I like to call the "more" a new set of wings. However, I do not believe that we can find and act on those wings, unless we take time, reflect and discover what those wings are suppose to be.

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